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Silent Hill 2: Director's Cut
English/UK Release

PlayStation 2 Platinum
Silent Hill 2: Director's Cut
English/UK Release


“Gurney Robbie” Shirt

Based On

Silent Hill 3





Release Origin


Released by Konami Style Japan as part of an official apparel line for Silent Hill 3 in late 2003, this shirt displays Pink Robbie wheeling a bloodied Blue Robbie on a gurney. The back of the shirt houses a floating Blue Robbie head directly underneath the collar.

The shirt also includes custom embroideries; the neck tag features a stitched Konami logo on one side, and the Silent Hill 3 logo on the opposite side. At the waist seam, off to the side, lies the silhouette of a dancing Robbie on its tag.

Lastly, the front side of the price tag holds a reflective piece of art that can be peeled off and used as a sticker.