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Silent Hill 2: Director's Cut
English/UK Release

PlayStation 2 Platinum
Silent Hill 2: Director's Cut
English/UK Release


Silent Hill 2 “Big Box” (PC) (NA), Sealed

Based On

Silent Hill 2





Release Origin

North America

Factory sealed North American "big box" copy of Silent Hill 2 for Windows. Includes the bonus "Born From a Wish" campaign. The box contains three installation CDs and instruction manual. The box cover swings open to reveal additional game screenshots and quotes from reviewers. (20 x 24 cm)

The big box version of Silent Hill 2 for the PC is unique in that it was being sold during the time that PC game boxes were transitioning to a smaller, standardized size (closer in size to DVD cases).

This change was the result of mega retailers such as Walmart threatening to heavily reduce inventory if PC games didn't reduce their size to occupy less shelf space.

As such, the big box copies of Silent Hill 2 were found in limited stores and typically only in warehouse clubs such as Costco or Sam's Club.

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