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Silent Hill 2: Director's Cut
English/UK Release

PlayStation 2 Platinum
Silent Hill 2: Director's Cut
English/UK Release


SH2 Director’s Cut “Big Box” (PC) (PL), Sealed

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Silent Hill 2





Release Origin


Factory sealed Polish "big box" copy of Silent Hill 2 Director's Cut for Windows. Includes the bonus "Born From a Wish" campaign. The box contains three installation CDs housed in a three-disc jewel case, instruction manual, and registration card. (22 x 27 cm)

Released 19 March 2003, about 1.5 years after the initial release window of Silent Hill 2, this version of the game was only sold at retail stores in Poland. The title was distributed by CD Projekt who, at the time, was the primary company to translate major Western video game releases into Polish. PC games distributed by CD Projekt were often sold in the "big box" style.

This version of the game is also the largest physical copy of Silent Hill 2 ever to be sold.